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Novian & Partners, delivers legal services and therefore has an extensive experience in the law area, such as:

  • Legal procedure process in Jurisdiction / Arbitrate (litigation), or out of Jurisdiction / Arbitrate (non-litigation).

  • Commercial or business and criminal lawsuits.

  • Corporate.

  • Publication of Securities and Capital Market.

  • Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI).

  • Domestic and Foreign Investments

  • Labor disputes

  • Banking and Finance

  • Land.

  • Marriage legacy and other Civil law.

  • Construction

  • Oil, Gas and Mining.

  • Take Over Merger Corporate Acquisition.

  • Plantation

  • Hospital Medical and Health Law.

  • Local Government and Litigation of Regional Leader Election.

  • Public and State Administrations

  • Novian & Partners committed to comprehend and understand for the importance and business objectives of the client, and shall be working hand in hand with our clients to achieve the required goal. Our aim is to develop and build a long-term relationship with all our clients by providing the highest quality of legal advice

    In related to legal efforts, we also provide services in investigating and/or finding out particular assets in order to reinstate our client's rights through legal procedure.


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