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Application for Dissolution of the Company (Liquidation) PT. Sarana Sumsel Ventura Facility was granted by Palembang District Court.
PT Bahana Artha Ventura as the holder / owner of 22.86% of the Company's shares from PT. Sarana Sumsel Ventura has authorized Novian & Partners to apply for the dissolution of the Company PT. Sarana Sumsel Ventura through Palembang State Court as registered in register no. 7 / Pdt.G / 2018 / PN.PLG.

Palembang District Court in this case the Panel of Judges in the case No. 7 / Pdt.G / 2018 / PN.PLG has conducted an examination of all arguments submitted by PT Bahana Artha Ventura and examined all the evidences that appear in the hearing.

Subsequently, on April 4, 2018, the Panel of Judges of the Palembang District Court had read out the Decision with Ammar, among others:

- To grant the Petitioner's complete petition;

- Determining the Dissolution of the Company PT. Sarana Sumsel Ventura

- Declare PT. Varsive South Sumatra Facility in Liquidation process

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