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Decision of the Endorsement of Peace (Homologation) Request for Postponement of Obligation of Payment of Debt (PKPU) PT. Bintang Jaya Proteina Feedmill Cs.
There has been a legal relationship between PT. Bank Permata, Tbk with PT. Bintang Jaya Proteina Feedmill Cs is associated with the provision of several Credit Facility.

In the process of examining the case of PKPU as the case is registered in Reg. 104 / PKPU / 2016 / PN.Niaga.Jkt.Pst. in the Commercial Court at the Central Jakarta District Court, as one of the Creditor of PT. Bank Permata, Tbk has granted Proxy to Novian & Partners.

On July 31, 2017, the Court of Justice of the Commercial Court at the Central Jakarta District Court has granted the Decision of Endorsement of Peace (Homologasi), with ammar Decision including:

1. To declare a lawful and legally binding Peace Agreement dated July 12, 2017 signed between TERMOHON PKPU (PT Bintang Jaya Proteina Feedmill Cs) and its Creditor with the Management and Supervisory Judge;

2. Punish PKPU and all its Creditors shall submit and comply with and implement the contents of the Peace Agreement.

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