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Novian & Partners was established and developed in June 1st, 1997 by Desri Novian, after the pertinent has fully comprehended of the experiences of law profession which was achieved while he joined at O.C. Kaligis & Associates Law Office and Hetty-Novian-Harahap Law Firm. The establishment of Novian & Partners was constituted by our desire to make this Firm as an important part of legal matter's settlement especially in Indonesia

Novian & Partners is having its domicile in Jakata, Indonesia and having its address at Royal Palace, Blok A-19, Jl Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH, No. 178, Jakarta 12870.

Limited period in the establishment had not caused us dropped behind in delivering of professional standard, as the fact that all Novian & Partners team have very high capability and experiences to deliver best legal service in order to answer the client's needs as well as all of business and legal matters which particularly occurred in Indonesia.

Novian & Partners has an aim to develop and grow up together with the clients, and we believe all of the business institutions, particular individual either in Jakarta or other cities in Indonesia have similar intention, and we shall be very proud of being a part in anticipating such development.


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